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About Jandal Criollos

Jandal Criollo Cattle Company was founded by Dale K. and Janice W. Price, DVM.

Janice is President of American Criollo Beef Association. Besides being a veterinarian (Texas A&M - 79' 80' and 84' - WHOOP!), Janice also breeds top-quality, champion NorwegianElkhounds and German Shorthaired Pointers. She loves being horseback, and watching over her cattle.

Dale is a Director for the American Criollo Beef Association. A retired airline pilot, rancher, gunsmith and firearms instructor, Dale is a Mechanical Engineer from Texas A&M ('80 - Gig'Em Ags!).

Dale and Janice both believe that there is a better way to produce Healthy, Great Tasting Beef.
That way is with Authentic Criollo Cattle, bred for superior Tenderness and Quality. These cattle are actually good for the land, helping to restore our grasslands. NO Antibiotics, NO Growth Hormones, NO Grain Products, NO Crowded Dirty Feedlots, EVER!

See what else Janice and Dale are up to at the Jandal Ranch!

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