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Jandal Criollos - Charter Member od ACBA

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Criollo Cattle (krēē-ō-yō) are a hardy and durable breed of cattle, first brought to the New World by Christopher Columbus. They evolved in the desert country of Andalusia,in southern Spain.

Certified Criollo Grass Fed Beef is produced by ranching members of the American Criollo Beef Association. Jandal Criollos is a charter member of the ACBA. ACBA is proud to offer all natural, grass-fed, criollo beef to the consumer.

ACBA producers never use growth hormones or antibiotics in raising our cattle. Our cattle never go to crowded, dirty feedlots. Just God's cattle raised on God's green grass!

The American Criollo Beef Association is a group of conscientious ranchers dedicated to producing healthier, better quality beef from cattle that are friendlier to the environment than other traditional, "man-made" breeds of cattle.

The ACBA promotes purebred Criollo cattle to:

  1. provide a healthy, wholesome source of lean, tender beef for the consumer.
  2. reduce the environmental impact of the beef industry by providing an efficient animal for grass-finishing with no grain products needed.
  3. help restore the integrity and reverse the desertification of our western rangelands by providing an animal that thrives in a semi-arid environment and utilizes all available vegetation.
  4. restore profitability to ranching by providing an animal that is hardy, self-sufficient, and requires little human help to thrive.

We invite you to learn about this unique breed by browsing the menu to the right.

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